Admin Panel FAQ

1. What is Admin Panel and what can I do with it?

The Admin Panel is a web-based system where Vooju’s clients to log in and manage their domain names. Vooju customers may perform the following:

  • Update their account particulars,
  • Subscribe to web hosting plans for their domain names,
  • Pay invoices from Vooju via credit card,
  • Update details for their domain names registered with Vooju,
  • Create and amend email address for their hosted domains with Vooju,
  • Manage their domain names hosted by Vooju,
  • Create sub domains for their domain names hosted by Vooju.

2. I forgot my userid or password, what do I do?

Please Contact Us with your request. The email must come from the email address reflected in your account for verification purposes. A customer support representative may call the contact person listed in your Vooju account to verify the request.

If you are requesting a new password, please provide the relevant userid.

Once the request has been verified, a reminder will be sent to the email address listed in the Vooju account with the userid or password.

3. How do I change my password?

To change passwords, simply log on to your account, click on the My account link and click the change password button. Input your new password, confirm it and click change.

4. How do I change my nameservers or do URL forwarding?

To change nameservers, click on the “my domains” link from the top navigation bar after you have logged in. Next select the domain name to be altered by clicking the check box next to the domain name and click Update Nameservers.

Here you may choose one of the following: a) Park your domain name with Vooju (Free Parking) or b) Forward your domain name to another url/website (Free URL Forwarding) or c) Use your own nameservers.

5. How do I create sub domains?

If you have signed up a hosting package with us, it allows you to create unlimited subdomains. The default settings are sufficient for your domain to function so you need not perform any changes. As altering DNS records are intermediate/advance procedures which may affect the proper functioning of your domain name, only create/alter the DNS settings if you are very sure of what you would be doing.

To create sub domains, click on the “DNS settings” link found in the top navigation bar.

Go to the ‘Add a new DNS record section’.

In the first colunm(FQDN), enter the subdomain.
In the second column(TYPE), select “IN A”.
In the third colum(VALUE), enter the IP address of the subdomain.

6. How do I purchase a web hosting plan?

Once logged in, just click on the “my domains” link in the top navigation bar. You will be able to subscribe to a web hosting plan for any selected domain name by clicking the purchase a package link at the right end of that domain name.

7. How do I pay for Vooju invoices?

Once you have logged in, click on the invoices link to bring up a list of invoices from Vooju. Simply click on the invoice number and the invoice will be presented with the option to pay via credit card at the bottom.

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