Domain Name Transfer FAQ

1. What is a transfer of a .SG domain name?

It is the transfer of a domain name from one accredited registrar to another like Vooju. Performing a transfer does not affect your current domain name details, you may however change these details when the transfer has completed.

2. What does Vooju charge for transfers in?

Vooju performs transfers of .SG domain names free of charge with no necessary renewals or administrative fees.

3. What do I need to transfer my domain name from one registrar to Vooju?

Please ensure that your domain has at least a 2 week period before its expiry date. If not, Vooju may be unable to complete the transfer request.

You can confirm your expiry date by performing a WHOIS search. To find out your WHOIS details, type in your domain name and perform a search. This can be done on Vooju’s main page or at SGNIC’s website.

The transfer process itself has very few steps:

a) Approach your current registrar to obtain the domain password necessary to transfer the domain name from your current registrar to Vooju. (The password consists of 6 characters). Your current registrar should provide the password to you within 3 working days.*

b) Go to our Domain Transfer page. Fill in your domain name and the Transfer Password and click the “Initiate Transfer” button.

c) Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the process.

Note: Registrars have their own policies to follow in issuing the transfer password. Please check with your current registrar what is required to obtain the domain password to process the transfer.

4. Can I update my details after the transfer of domain name?

Yes, after the transfer the domain name is of the same status as any other domain name and its details can be changed or updated at any time.

5. How long will the transfer process take?

The Transfer process will take up to 7 working days to complete. However if the outgoing registrar approves of this transfer, it may be processed faster. Please contact your current registrar to ask them to speed up the process.

6. I have submitted a transfer request, how will I know when it is completed?

Once your domain has been successfully transferred, an email will be sent to the email address in your Vooju account; in addition, the domain name will be available for updates there.

7. I want to transfer my domain name from Vooju to another registrar, how do I get my transfer password?

Transfer out of Vooju is easy. You may retrieve the transfer password via the admin panel. Go to “My .SG Domains”, click on your domain name, scroll down and look for the button “Show Transfer-Out Password for XXXX”.

8. If I am transferring from Vooju, will you approve the transfer to make the process faster?

Yes, Vooju will always approve transfers within three (3) working days as long as there are no outstanding issues with the domain name and the request is made from an authorised party.

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