.SG Bundle FAQ

1. What is a .SG Bundle?

A .SG Bundle refers to a promotion that is a registration of 2 domain names. A third level (.com.sg, .net.sg, .org.sg, .edu.sg) and second level ( .sg) .sg domain.

2. What is the price of registering a .SG bundle?

Vooju will charge S$45 per Bundle (2 domains) for the first year.

3. Why is Vooju offering Bundle pricing now?

Vooju has started to offer the bundle pricing as support for a program initiated by SGNIC. This program is expected to run in the near term and may not be a permanent feature.

4. What are the requirements for the bundle price?

There are several requirements that must be met before the Bundle price may be applied.

  • Both the third level and second level .sg registrations must be identical. For example abc.net.sg and abc.sg or vooju.com.sg and vooju.sg

  • The contact information provided during registration must be complete and identical for both domains in the bundle.

  • The bundle must be registered during the same registration instance via “Bundle Discount” link on our main page. i.e the bundle pricing will not apply if the registrations are done separately.

  • Both domain name registrations that form the bundle must be new registrations.

  • Bundle pricing only affects registrations for one year term, it will not apply to registrations for two years.

  • .per.sg registrations do not qualify as a third level registration with regards to bundle pricing.

  • All existing SGNIC guidelines and requirements for third and second level registrations must be met. Please refer to our Domain Name FAQ for more details.

5. If I already have a third level .sg domain, can I get a discount for registering a second level domain of the same name?

No, unfortunately the bundle pricing is only for new registrations.

6. Can I cancel or delete my existing registration and register the domain as part of a bundle?

Yes if your existing registration is a new name registered within the current month. However, please note that Vooju may not refund any part of the registration fee of the cancelled or deleted domain name.

7. Can I enjoy the bundle pricing for renewals of existing domain names?

No, the bundle pricing only applies to new registrations.

8. Will my renewal price be the same as the bundle pricing?

You will need to renew your domain names individually. Renewals will be priced at the prevailing Vooju rate.

9. How long will the bundle pricing last?

Vooju will maintain bundle pricing for an initial period of six months, however, Vooju reserves the right to terminate the bundle pricing scheme at its own discretion.

10. Will I be able to transfer my domain names to another registrar if I registered under a bundle with Vooju?

Yes, you may transfer your domain name once you have completed the verification process at the VerifiedID@SG portal (verifiedid.sgnic.sg)

11. What happens if my bundle registration does not qualify, do I get a refund?

Vooju customer support will be in contact with your account email if there are any discrepancies with your bundle registration. If it can be rectified the registration will be processed normally.

In the event that the registrations do not qualify for the bundle pricing, one of 3 things may happen:

  • The registrations will be processed at the prevailing retail rate, or

  • One of the bundled registrations will be cancelled and the remaining registration will be processed at the prevailing rate, or

  • One of the bundled registrations will be cancelled and the remaining registration will be processed at the prevailing rate and a new invoice will be generated for the processed registration.

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