Foreign Customers FAQ

1 .How do I register a third level .sg domain? (.sg,,, and

A foreign applicant may apply for a domain name provided that it appoints a locally registered entity as its Administrative Contact. The foreign registrant is required to submit to the registrar a duly authorized letter to confirm the appointment of the locally registered entity.

If you already have an agent or subsidiary registered with the ACRA(ex-RCB) in Singapore, the easiest method would be to have your subsidiary apply on your behalf.

2. Can I appoint Vooju as my administrative contact for .sg domain registrations?

Yes, foreign customers can appoint Vooju as administrative contact for and .sg domain names. Please note that Vooju is unable to be the administrative contact for, and registrations.

To appoint Vooju as your administrative contact, tick the checkbox asking if you would like to appoint Vooju as your administrative contact during your registration process.

Vooju can only be appointed as your domain name Adminstrative Contact as long as Vooju is the Registrar for the domain name.

3. What do you charge for becoming the administrative contact?

Vooju charges a flat one time fee of SGD30 per domain name for this service.

4. How can I make payment?

Payments can be made via credit card or a cheque drawn in Singapore dollars by a local bank.

In the event of customers with a large volume of domains, arrangements can be made for the invoices to be presented in a single large bill or several smaller ones for your convenience.

If you have registered a second level .sg domain and are unable to send payments via cheque formats, please contact our support staff for more details.

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