Webhosting FAQ

1. What is web hosting?

For a website to be seen on the internet, it needs a web server to live on. When people visit a website they are actually accessing files on this web server. Web hosting is like renting space on a web server.

2. What do I need to subscribe to a web hosting plan?

All you really need is a domain name, and if you don’t already have one, you can register one with Vooju.

Note: The domain name hosted can be any valid domain, not only a .sg domain name. For example, Vooju will be able to host abc.com, abc.tw, abc.info and abc.com.sg

3. How do I subscribe for a web hosting plan?

Existing .SG name registrants with Vooju

For our .sg existing domain name registrants, just log into your Account with Vooju, when you view your current domain names (my .SG domains), there is an option to subscribe to a web hosting plan for each domain names that are not already hosted.

New .SG name registrants

For new customers wanting a domain name and web hosting, just search for the .sg domain name that you would like, once you have decided on the domain name to register, follow our online instructions and complete your domain name registration.

After the registration has been successfully completed, you can log into your account and subscribe online.

Customers with existing domain names (but no hosting service with another hosting provider)

For customers who already have a non-.sg domain name (eg. xxx.com) or .sg name with another registrar, click on this link to begin.

Once we have set up your account, go to your domain names' current registrar and change the nameservers to the following:

Nameserver 1 is ns1.vooju.com (IP address) Nameserver 2 is ns2.vooju.com (IP address)

Customers with existing domain names and existing hosting service

You should consider tranferring your domain name registration/renewal to be managed by Vooju. To do that you should obtain the transfer out password of your domain name from your old registrar of record for your domain name.

With the transfer out password, initiate a transfer-in process to Vooju via VOOJU Domain Transfer It’ll take up to 8 days to complete the transfer unless the old registrar approves it earlier. Transferring your domain from one registrar to another does not affect your nameserver settings, which means your website and email services will not be affected, unless your old DNS hosting provider terminates its DNS services.

Once the domain name in transferred to Vooju, login to your account to purchase a hosting package. (via “My Domains” -> “Purchase a hosting package”)

Setup your email addresses in Vooju. For example, if you have abc@example.com address under your old hosting provider, please setup the same email address in Vooju. This is to get ready Vooju’s system to receive the mails.

For website, FTP a copy of your website to Vooju’s server. This is to ready Vooju’s webserver to serve your files.

On the day of migration (cutting the hosting service over to Vooju), please modify your nameserver settings to:

  • ns1.vooju.com (
  • ns2.vooju.com (

With the new settings, mails and website requests will start to hit Vooju’s servers. Due to the way DNS works, the new settings will take up to 48 hours to be fully propagated. During this time, some incoming mails and website requests may still go to your old hosting provider. So for email, do make sure you check your emails one final time from your old hosting provider 48 hours later.

Have your users reconfigure their email software to check mails from Vooju’s mailserver.

Email Settings Recommended Email Settings :

IMAP Server : imap.vooju.com
IMAP Port : 993 (SSL/TLS)
SMTP Server : smtp.vooju.com
SMTP Port : 587 (STARTTLS) or 465 (SSL)

Official Webmail : https://webmail.vooju.com
IOS/ Mac OSX : Apple Mail AutoConfig

For more Detailed Email Settings : Email Settings

4. Do I have to buy a domain name from Vooju to sign up for the hosting package?

No, Vooju welcomes anyone with a domain name to subscribe to our web hosting plans.

5. What do I get when I subscribe to a web hosting plan with Vooju?

Please visit our hosting section at VOOJU Hosting for current feature set.

6. Can I use my web space for both email and my web site?

Yes, the web space provided for in your subscription will be automatically used for both email and web content. There is no need for you to set usage levels.

For example if you do not have a web site and have a basic plan, all 100 MB will be dedicated to your email usage.

7. How many email addresses can I create?

There is no limit to the number of email addresses you may create under your domain name; they are only limited by web space usage on your plan.

8. What is the maximum size of email attachment?

Vooju recommends that you keep attachments to below 10 Mb. Technically you can send out email attachments of up to 50MB as that is the maximum limit set by Vooju for email attachments. However, the destination email server might not be able to handle large emails. It is strongly discouraged to send emails above 10MB of size as they stand a very low chance of getting delivered to the recipient. However, we leave the door open for whoever who might want to try their luck.

9. Does Vooju have a web based email service?

Yes, Vooju offers a webmail at no charge to the customer.

10. How can I changed the email passwords?

If you are the administrator, you can modify each email account’s password via Vooju’s admin panel. Individual users can change the password through the : Email Password Changer

11. What is a Mail forwarding account?

A mail forwarding account acts in the same way as url forwarding. It enables you to direct incoming emails from your forwarding account to an already existing email address. Thus, when someone attempts to email that forwarding address, he or she is automatically redirected to the email address of your choice.

12. When can I ftp my web content?

All clients are given 24 hour ftp access.

13. Do I get any form of virus and spam protection?

Our EmailArmourâ„¢ service is an enhancement available to all our web hosting clients for a nominal fee. This service effectively protects against destructive internet viruses as well as filters out annoying spam for our customers.

The EmailArmourâ„¢ fee is charged per domain per plan hosted and scans all the email addresses under that domain name.

Note: While EmailArmourâ„¢ uses the most up to date virus and spam guards, there is always a chance that new viruses will circumvent the best protection. Always back up your important files and information regularly.

14. What do unlimited subdomains mean?

Subdomains refer to extention of your existing domain name. For example, if your domain is “example.com.sg”, you may create subdomains such as “web.example.com.sg”, “mail.example.com.sg”, “staff.example.com.sg”, “download.example.com.sg”, “game.example.com.sg” etc.

While some DNS providers only offer creation of limited subdomains, Vooju offers a full-fledge DNS configuration tool to configure as many subdomains as you need.

15. Can I request for extra services?

Yes, additional services like system administration, dedicated servers and others can be customised for your plan. Please Contact Us for more details.

16. What is MySQL?

If your web site needs to update large quantities of information via the web, you probably need a database to store your information to systematic and quick retrieval via a relational database . There are many different database systems available for web hosting. One of the most common is MySQL, which Vooju offers at an additional $2 per connection per month.

17. How long does it take to set up a hosting package?

If you purchased your web hosting plan online via your account with Vooju and selected credit card payment, the subscription will be activated within 30 minutes. If you decided to make cheque payment, Vooju will activate your subscription within one (1) working day after we receive payment.

Please note that if you purchased a domain name and web hosting plan at the same time, new domains and changes to domains may take up to 48 hours to become effective. This is due to the number of networks involved, and the fact that those networks are controlled by several different agencies. However, in the mean time, you may proceed with configuration of your emails and dns settings via Vooju’s online system.

This delay applies to all domains and all Registrars. Please allow for this delay when planning Web sites or configuring a domain to work with your email.

18. How much does it cost?

Our web hosting plans range from the “Basic” plan to Prime plans. Please visit our hosting section at VOOJU Hosting for our current plans and pricing.

19. Why the one year minimum subscription?

We think it is inefficient to bill every month for small amounts, it generates additional administrative work for everyone and increases costs. Therefore our web hosting plans come with a minimum one year subscription for new accounts.

However, if you are a current domain name registrant with Vooju, the web hosting plan and charges for that domain will be prorated to the expiry date of your domain name.

In the event your domain name has more then one year before its expiry date, you will be given an option to close the length of the plan.

20. What is the difference between your classic plans and a corporate plan?

While classic plans (basic, silver and gold) come with a fixed price, feature set and several optional enhancements, our corporate plans are generally adopted by large users and are customised to your needs. Please Contact Us for more details.

21. Will I get a reminder before my hosting package expires?

Starting from 2 months before the expiry date of the hosting package, Vooju will send you a reminder email every Sunday. The reminder email will be sent to your authorised email address (i.e. the email under “My Accounts” in the admin panel)

No further emails will be sent after the hosting expires. After the expiry date, Vooju will try to hold the data for 30 days before deleting them permanently.

22. Can I upgrade my hosting plan? What will the charges be like?

You may upgrade your hosting plan anytime within contract to include additional services or a higher hosting plan.

If you are subscribing to a new service (e.g. Mysql database), you will only need to pay pro-rated monthly fees.

If you are upgrading to a new hosting, you will only pay the pro-rated difference in price between your existing and the new hosting plan. For example, you have paid $72 for a Basic Hosting plan($6/mth) for 1 yr and 4 months later you decide to upgrade to a Silver Plan ($12/mth). For the remaining 8 months, the fees for Silver Plan would technicallly be $96 (8 months x $12). However since you have 8 months' worth of Basic Hosting plan (‘credit’ of $48), you just have to top up the difference of $48 ($96 - $48).

To upgrade, simply email us with the subject heading: Web hosting plan upgrade and your request on your account’s authorised email address.

23. What are the technical details of your webhosting environment?

Vooju’s webhosting uses the proven Apache webserver version 2 running on a robust BSD-based UNIX system.

Further details of our hosting environment:

PHP Version 7.4
MYSQL Version 8.0

24. Do you allow bulk/marketing mail to be sent out?

Vooju Mail Hosting are provided to our hosting clients on a fair use basis.

Unconfirmed email list, non-compliance email, bulk mail(solicited or not), are strictly prohibited.

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