Services and Payments FAQ

1. What services do you offer?

Vooju offers a full suit of services for clients looking to build or maintain a web presence. This covers domain name registration, web hosting, email, virus and spam protections as well as more advanced services like dedicated servers .

- Domain Name registration for .SG domain names

As an accredited registrar of SGNIC, Vooju offers its clients registration services for,,, and the recently launched second level .sg domains.

- Administrative Contact

If you are a foreign entity and wish to appoint Vooju as your local administraive contact for the purpose of registering a or .sg name, we will require a faxed agreement from you, the agreement should be on your corporate letter head, and should contain the text as per the Agency Form attachment. A one time fee of SGD$30 per domain will be charged.

- Web Hosting

Vooju offers a comprehensive group of web hosting plans for every need and budget.

These range from our “Basic” hosting to large customised plans in which our sales staff work with clients to determine their requirements.

- Email

Email is probably the single most important application on the Internet.

With that in mind, Vooju offers a user friendly email address system which is bundled with all web hosting plans.

This allows all Vooju web hosting clients the ease and flexibility of creating email addresses and/or forwarding email addresses via their online account, anytime, anywhere.

- Virus and Spam protection

Our EmailArmourâ„¢ service is an enhancement available to all our web hosting clients for a nominal fee. This service effectively protects against destructive internet viruses as well as filters out annoying spam for our customers.

- Dedicated Servers / Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is distinct from shared or normal web hosting in that the server that your website files are stored on is not shared with others. Normally, the dedicated server is rented or leased and the hardware and operating system provided by Vooju.

You have control over the configuration of the server, what is contained within it and its maintenance, your website performance on a dedicated server should be better than on a shared server.

Dedicated hosting is often used for mission-critical websites or ones that require a high amount of storage and/or bandwidth.

Please Contact Us for more information.

2. Why is your pricing so low? What is the catch?

There is none.

The main reasons why we can provide our services at the price we do is that Vooju runs a tight ship internally and adopts a strict value oriented policy with our vendors and suppliers which allow us to pass on savings and cost benefits.

Additionally, we believe in offering our products and services standalone for our customers so they only pay for what they need and not be forced to take packages with services they might not want.

It all boils down to what you, our customers, want and how to get it to you at the best possible price.

3. What payment methods do you support?

Vooju currently supports 2 main methods of payment, credit cards and cheques drawn from Singapore banks.

  • Credit Cards
    Vooju accepts online credit card payment via our payment gateway partner Worldpay. These transactions are instant and are the fastest method to start your web presence.

  • Cheques
    Vooju strives to process all cheque payments within one (1) working day after they have been received. Cheques should be made out to Vooju Pte Ltd and drawn in Singapore dollars by a local bank.

4. Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes, using your credit card at Vooju is safe because our gateway partner, Worldpay, utilizes industry standard secure server technology to encrypt all information gathered from our customers at the time of purchase. This means that the information is encoded and is unreadable while it travels to their server.

5. Does Vooju charge GST?

No, Vooju does not charge GST at this time.

6. Can I drop off my payment at your office or pay cash?

Unfortunately no. Our staff are not permitted to accept payments from clients under any circumstances.

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